The Ministry of Women Affairs, Community and Social Development in Delta State has began evacuation of lunatics and beggars from Asaba metropolis. According to the Commissioner, Mrs. Flora Alatan who flagged off the exercise she said the need to carry out this evacuation is long overdue. She said that this group of persons are defacing the capital territory and also they are potential dangers to other citizens going about their daily routine.

This group of persons especially the beggars, are found in almost all the nook and crannies of the city and mostly at traffic lights, fast food places and bank ATMs. The beggars are mostly mothers and children of school age who happens to be mother and children in most cases. The evacuation has given a new facelift to the major road in the city as this group of persons have been displaced of the street.

However, the Ministry made the evacuation a benevolent one as most of the women where interviewed to see their state of mind as they received token to go start a petty business of their choice, and the children who happens to be destitute where taken to homes where they will later be reconciled with their families. The lunatics were taken to healing homes where they will be properly taken care of to restore their sanity.