1. Gender Development

          There are four functional Women Development Centres namely:

i         Delta State Rehabilitation Life Skill Acquisition Centre (DERRSLAP) Ubulu-Uku

ii        Delta State Rehabilitation Life Skill Acquisition Centre (DERRSLAP) Kiagbodo

iii       Delta State Rehabilitation Life Skill Acquisition Centre (DERRSLAP) Oko-Anala

iv       Women Development Centre Amai

Activities:  Fashion & Design, Catering, Basic Computer, Bead Making, Fishery, Literacy Acquisition, Conflict/Anger Management. Starter packs are given at the end of the programme to clients. 

  • These centres have been operating skeletal service due to lack of operational funds.
  • Women Fund For Economic Empowerment (WOFEE)

This is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in Collaboration with the Nigeria Agriculture Co-operative and Development Bank (NACRDB) for the purpose of channeling Micro-Credit to the grass-roots women through the state Ministry of women Affairs. Loans were given to beneficiaries in 2010. But recovery rate has been very difficult. Update can be gotten from NACRDS Asaba.

     C.   Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Or Discriminations Against Women (CEDAW)  

          In line with the State Government’s Commitment to Project Gender Equity and women empowerment, a committee on the UN convention on the elimination of all forms Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) was inaugurated for the eradication of such discriminations against women in the state. This is in collaboration with UNFPA with Economic Planning. This project is on hold since 2014 due to lack of funds. However Advocacies/Sensitization is done in collaboration with relevant NGOs.

  • Grants To Widows Living With Hiv/Aids

           In order to bring succor to widows living with HIV/AIDS, the Ministry          provides grant to enable them establish business for economic empowerment. This is done in collaboration with SACA, so far 60 women has benefited.

  • Female Hostel Abraka

          The Ministry provides conducive and affordable accommodation to female under-graduates who cannot afford the high rent of private hostel.

          This hostel has not been functioning since 2014, it is dilapidated and left fallow due to lack of funds. If this issue can be addressed, it can generate reasonable revenue for IGR.


The Ministry has established 6 women development centres where a total of 750 girls and women acquire various skills, therefore making them economically self-reliant and employers of labour. The centres are Kiagbodo, Oko-Anala, Amai, Ubulu-Uku.

Commemorative Days Globally

  • Annually, there is a State delegation to the UNCSW in New work on issues of women Globally.
  • International Widows day 23rd June yearly
  • International Day of the Girl Child 11th October yearly in collaboration with NGOs because of lack of funds.

International Day Of The Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child is marked worldwide every year on 11th October raising awareness for the rights of the Girl Child by saying No to Harmful Social Vices, developing capacities through training, mentoring and provision of micro support to ensure sustainable development.

International Day Of Zero Tolerance To Female Genital Mutilation

Advocacy    on the eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the State has been carried out by the Ministry to protect the girl child from harmful practice. In collaboration with Ministry of Health, Justice and relevant NGOs/CSOs/FBOs.

The Ministry has been collaborating with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Civil Society Organizations (CSOO, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), working in the State to provide peace and security, capacity building, empowerment, monitoring, harmful practices/evidence against women/girl and helping them get justice through the Ministry of Justice other related MDAs depending on the issue at hand.

Capacity Building Workshop/Conferences

The Ministry has been participating in capacity building workshop, seminars and conferences to enhance its service delivery and efficient services, nationally and internationally. There is need to improve on this.

Advocacies To Traditional Rules And Community Leaders

On the need to end irregular migration, the Ministry is working in collaboration with International Organization for migrants a UN NGO funded by the European Union in reintegration of irregular migrants returned from Lybia. Edo State 1st has the highest number followed by Delta State 2nd. IOM is working in 5 LGAs in the State Namely: Ika South, Ika North East, Ndokwa West, Ughelli North and Isoko North, according to available data.

At the State level, the Ministry of Women Affairs is the Chair while Federal Ministry of Women Affairs chairs at the Federal level.

There is also a State committee on reintegration case management and letter are to be written to relevant stakeholders that have not yet being reached for a more robust committee all these are still planning stages, to attain best practice on efficiency.

The State Ministry Work With Fmwasd On Policies,


  • National Action Plan (NAP) (2013) for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on women peace and security Delta State was among the 1st states to develop their State Action Plan (SAP) in 2016 and also the only state that has developed three Local Action Plan (LAP) in 2017/2018, in collaboration with the NSRP-WPSN plans are on going to collaborate with WANAP to cover the remaining 23 LGAs at which 5 has been sensitized.
  • Working directly with the directly with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development on policies, laws and programmes as it affects women and girls nationally and internationally.


  • Lack of utility vehicles to carry out our activities/programme/monitoring and evaluation across the State.
  • Inadequate funding of programmes/activities of the department
  • Lack of adequate staff
  • Lack of funds to attend international and national

activities/programmes/meetings and capacity building workshops.


  • Reactivation of skill acquisition centres across the state
  • Budgetary provision for programme/activities outside the State
  • More funds to sustain programmes/activities of the department
  • Monitoring of women Development Centres across the State (weekly visitation to the various centres).
  • Monitoring of NCWS activities to justify subvention
  • Provision of utility vehicles for monitoring and evaluation of the departmental programmes/activities
  • Creation of budget heads for celebration of commemoratives days e.g International day of the Girl Chid-11th October International Day of Zero tolerance of female genital modulation. 
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