Advocacy Visits

By the Hon. Minister (Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development) to Delta State as well as Advocacy visits to the Delta State House of Assembly and the Attorney General, Commissioner Ministry of Justice in efforts to protect issues affecting women and girl in the society.

Passage of the violence against person prohibition bill before the State House of Assembly VAPP Act 2015. It has passed public hearing with the State House of Assembly-Advocacy need to be paid to the Hon. Speaker of the and chairman on the Committee for Women Affairs on passing it into law and other related laws.

Below are the following training carried out by the International Organization on Migration. (IOM) (in the area of capacity building).

  • Training on community sensitization/dialogue on ending irregular migration step down train the trainer from time to time
  • Psycho socio support and training of counselors on case management/psycho socio First Aid
  • Issue of shelter for returnees
  • Training on mental health and psycho-socio support
  • Delta State re-integration case management committee chaired by Ministry of Women Affairs, Community and Social Development.
  • Delta State Taskforce on Human Trafficking has just been set up in the State. The Ministry needs to work close with this ……for efficiency.
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