The Women Affairs Department as the name implies is the hub of the Ministry. The department has been in existence since the take-off of the Ministry as State Commission for women in 1989.

The overall mandate of this department is to initiate actions- projects and programmes that will enhance the welfare and status of women.

  1. Components of the Department

The department has the following divisions

  • Women Education Division
  • Women Organizations Division
  • Economic Services Division
  1. Divisions/Functions:
  2. Women Education Division:

(i)      Provision of vocational and functional training through the establishment and management of skill acquisition centres;

(ii)      Capacity building, Advocacy, Enlightenment and Awareness creation through seminars, rallies, workshop and symposia;

(iii)     Identification of needs of women in rural areas through the conduct of surveys needs assessment, research and visitations;

(iv)     Liaising with International Bodies, Voluntary Organizations in co-coordinating women welfare education programmes;

(v)     Mobilization of women.

"(a) Women Organizations Division:
(i) Encouraging the formation and co-ordination of women non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organization (CBOs);
(ii) Encouraging support and solidarity among women groups;
(iii) Liaising with women voluntary organizations.

(c ) Economic Services Division:
(i) Encouraging the establishment and co-ordination of women co-operative societies;
(ii) Promotion of small scale industries through capacity building;
(iii) Provision of financial facilities to women entrepreneurs, co-operative groups and vulnerable women and widows;
(iv) Embarking on poverty alleviation schemes (e.g. Modern Beekeeping Project, Secondary School drop-outs scheme for boys and girls) widows of HIV/AIDs

(v) Identification of women Investment opportunities in the State and articulating them for women participation;

(vi) Promotion/creation of market outlets for women products through mobilizing them to participate in National, Regional and International trade fairs and exhibitions."


 Gender Development

There are four functional Women Development Centres namely:

i         Delta State Rehabilitation Life Skill Acquisition Centre (DERRSLAP) Ubulu-Uku

ii        Delta State Rehabilitation Life Skill Acquisition Centre (DERRSLAP) Kiagbodo

iii       Delta State Rehabilitation Life Skill Acquisition Centre (DERRSLAP) Oko-Anala

iv       Women Development Centre Amai

Activities:  Fashion & Design, Catering, Basic Computer, Bead Making, Fishery, Literacy Acquisition, Conflict/Anger Management. Starter packs are given at the end of the programme to clients.

  • These centres have been operating skeletal service due to lack of operational funds.


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