The office of the Community-Driven Development Social Implementation Unit carries some critical activities such as the first entry visit to communities which have expressed interest to key into the project with a view to bringing development to their people. In this first entry visit, only the leaders of the community are targeted at, sensitized on the overview of the office. We make them to understand that under the scheme, which a Borld bank assisted programme is, the community benefits from the project through the provision of 10% counterpart contribution while the world bank, European union and the state government provide 90% of the total of ten million naira for at least two micro-projects in a community. We also enlighten them that the scheme is a paradigm shift from the contractor driven approach in the sense that the community would carry out the execution of the projects themselves while our office supervises to ensure that they carry out the activities in tandem with the World Bank specifications. Above all, the community is expected to produce the community development plan that will contain the bill of quantity for the project and other relevant documentation to be forwarded to the World Bank for review and approval, thereafter the project commences in the community. Under the scheme the community is expected to take ownership of the project by ensuring that every activity therein is participatory. Another, crucial activity under the initiative is the Project Launch which is a platform where the release of the first cheque of 50% is performed.


  1. First entry visit to communities
  2. Second entry visit to communities
  3. Preparation of Community Development Plan
  4. Training of Community Project Management Committee(CPMC)
  5. Project Launch(Release of Cheque) to the community
  6. Project Commissioning